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Wendy’s Briefcase – Worker’s Compensation Law

Wendy's Briefcase - Worker's Compensation Law

Workers Compensation Insurance is an insurance coverage that most employers are required to carry, by Michigan law.  The law states that all “private employers regularly employing 1 or more employees 35 hours or more per week for 13 weeks or longer during the preceding 52 weeks” are

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Wendy’s Briefcase: Business Income and Extra Expense

Wendy's Briefcase: Business Income and Extra Expense

Business Income and Extra Expense coverage is a misunderstood coverage and is often neglected, however it is the coverage that puts your business back to its original financial condition after an insured loss, such as a fire!  If the building, your business is located in, suffers a

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Wendy’s Briefcase – The Importance of an Agent

Wendy's Briefcase - The Importance of an Agent

This month’s briefcase involves a call I got from my client.  He called because his employee had been told he had no coverage for the water in his basement, because he did not have flood coverage.  Spoiler alert, most of the following information really applies to the

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Wendy’s Briefcase – ACA Open Enrollment

Wendy's Briefcase - ACA Open Enrollment

The Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment period will soon be upon us.  Open enrollment begins on November 1st and ends on December 15th for an effective date of January 1st, 2019.  If you do not have health insurance currently, and do not or will not have access

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Wendy’s Briefcase – Business Income and Extra Expense

Wendy's Briefcase - Business Income and Extra Expense

Business owners purchase insurance on their businesses, usually insuring their building, contents, liability and other coverages, similar to what a homeowner will purchase on their home, although in a more complex format.  One of the most important coverages purchased is Business Income and Extra Expense.  This coverage

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Wendy’s Briefcase – Construction Safety

Wendy's Briefcase - Construction Safety

Construction worksite management has been a high priority for both OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and MIOSHA, which is the State of Michigan’s offshoot of OSHA.  Over the last few years, and especially now with new construction ramping up again, these safety associations have been conducting

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Wendy’s Briefcase – It’s Boating Season!

Wendy's Briefcase - It's Boating Season!

Boating season has arrived!  Let me tell you a story about a storm that occurred on Lake Fenton in 2017, in Fenton Michigan.  The storm was so strong that it ripped boats from their docks, regardless of how well they were secured.  Boats crashing into docks, boats

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Wendy’s Briefcase – Life Insurance When You Retire

Wendy's Briefcase - Life Insurance When You Retire

As many people near retirement age, they discover that either they don’t have enough life insurance, or their life insurance was provided by their employer and ends when they retire.  Mutual of Omaha and some other insurance companies have designed products for exactly this scenario.  These products

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Wendy’s Briefcase – Worker’s Compensation Audits

Wendy's Briefcase - Worker's Compensation Audits

Audits can be confusing, especially when everyone thinks of only IRS audits at this time of year.  Unlike the IRS audit, business owners’ insurance audits don’t need to mean bad news!  Many times, they are good news to the business owner, but whether the news is good

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