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Claim Steps

What to do if you are in an auto accident:

Step 1 (at the accident scene): Call 911 if someone has a life-threatening injury. If there’s no emergency, don’t tie up 911, but get any needed medical attention and call the police directly. Remember, you will need to get a police report.

Step 2: Exchange license plate numbers, contact information and auto insurance information with the other parties involved.  The State of Michigan requires drivers to have an insurance identification card in the vehicle and it will provide most of the pertinent information.  Fill in any gaps, though. Make sure to get phone numbers.

Step 3: Look for witnesses who will be willing to tell what they saw and get their contact information as well. If you are unable to gather information at the scene, the police report can be a back-up source of information on the other parties involved and witnesses.

Step 4: Contact your insurance agent as soon as possible. With a cell phone, you may call your agent right from the scene. If outside of normal business hours, call the appropriate 24-hour claim number listed above. Your insurance ID card should provide the number. Whoever takes your claim will walk you through the process.

Step 5 (after leaving the accident scene): An adjuster will come out to take a look at the damage to your vehicle and write an estimate of what it will take to restore it (or possibly replace it, if it’s totaled). Then, the insurance company will cut a check in the amount of the repair, minus any deductible amount applicable.  If your vehicle is drivable, an estimate can be obtained any time. However, repairs cannot be completed until authorization is received from the claims adjuster. Authorization for a rental vehicle must also come from the adjuster.

Hearing from a claims adjuster

You should expect to hear from a claims adjuster within 72 hours of notification of a new claim.  In the event you do not, please contact a staff member at The Dearborn Agency, Inc. immediately. We will intervene and contact the adjustor on your behalf. We are here to ensure that the handling of your claim is handled smoothly and expeditiously.

Follow these steps if you experience a property loss:

 Contact the Dearborn Agency immediately

  • Give your name, address, policy number, and the date and time of your loss
  • Your insurance agent will arrange for an adjustor to visit your property and assess the damage

 Protect your property from further damage or theft

  • Contractors should be called to perform emergency procedures to protect your property until an adjuster is able to contact you

 Carefully document your loss

  • Make a detailed list of lost or damaged property
  • Videotape or photograph damaged property before beginning clean up

 Cooperate with your claims adjustor

  • Your claims adjustor will help guide you through the restoration process and will offer needed assistance and expertise

Tips for workers compensation claims: Notify your insurance company of any injuries to an employee immediately. A Form 100 is required and can be faxed to the carrier or filed over the phone. If you anticipate that the employee will need to miss more than seven days of work, wage information will be required.  If you do not contract with an occupational clinic and will be sending the employee to a medical clinic or hospital, be sure that the facility is notified to direct all billings to the insurance carrier.

Tips for liability claims: In the event you are served with a lawsuit, fax copies of the legal documents immediately to our office and mail the original copies as soon as possible. This is very important, as the claims adjuster has a specific period of time in which they must respond to the action. If the claim has already been filed, the paperwork can be faxed to your claims adjuster.  If it is a new claim, provide details as to the incident leading to the lawsuit and any other items regarding that incident that you can recall.



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