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Risk Analysis Tools

Managing Risk is a Process

Risk Analysis and Management procedures are essential to ensure the ongoing success of ones business. Success may be helping others by creating jobs in your area, creating or improving a product, or continuing a family legacy. The Dearborn Agency protects your assets so that you remain successful. At The Dearborn Agency, we create risk management programs using both time tested and cutting edge insurance products. A team of professionals work in and out of the office so that you can do what you do best, run your business.

Where do you start? These are just a few questions that can help protect not just your business but your legacy.

  1. Assess your current loss control program. Is there one in place?
  2. Have you identified and defined the risks in which your business is exposed to on a daily basis.
  3. Have you outlined the responsibilities of an on site safety managers as deemed by your risk management program?
  4. Determine any current areas or areas where you may have a gap and focus on what risk or risk’s have the greatest potential to affect your business negatively.
  5. Determine and create levels of controls to better understand the risks associated with the day to day operations of your business.
  6. Do you record and retain risk incident information. Have the proper follow up procedures in place. Are these done on a consistent basis?
  7. Do you conduct periodic risk assessments and make changes in your company’s risk profile to properly assess performance.
  8. Do you have a team of hand picked individuals that work with you? Is there someone you can call if a catastrophic event were to occur?

As a business owner, the threat of a potential claim begins at dusk and ends at dawn. Whether it be a fire, employee who had an accident on the job, or driving to your first appointment of the day, gaps need to be sealed.   At the Dearborn Agency we assess, create, implement and most importantly follow up (ACIF) on a plan designed for you, with you, that protects you.

 What does it cost to create a risk management program?

While some agencies charge a “risk management fee” in the thousands, The Dearborn Agency does not charge a separate fee to create a risk management program for our clients. Our reputation, time spent in the market, and consistency has created a system in which we provide these services free of charge.

 Do you insure all types of businesses?

While we represent numerous companies and there have been situations were have referred businesses to one of our partners in the industry who specialize in your area of expertise. We believe in the phrase” if you chase two rabbits at once, you not catch either.” If you are best suited with your current agent, or with another agency, we will explain the reasons and assist you.

What are Gaps?

The term gap is defined as a break in a barrier, a ravine, a separation, in Merriam Webster Dictionary. The Dearborn Agency evaluates ( expand on ) insurance gaps in ones insurance program….Insurance policies are purchased for a wide array of reasons from different agents. We understand that price is a key factor but it should not be the primary factor. A catastrophic loss due to a gap in ones insurance could potentially bankrupt, or seriously injure a company’s financial position. Insurance policies have changed; exclusions have been added, and removed. Our goal is to remain consistent and ensure all coverage’s


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