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Wendy’s Briefcase – Life Insurance When You Retire

Wendy's Briefcase - Life Insurance When You Retire

As many people near retirement age, they discover that either they don’t have enough life insurance, or their life insurance was provided by their employer and ends when they retire.  Mutual of Omaha and some other insurance companies have designed products for exactly this scenario.  These products

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The Insurance Nerd – Know Before You Go: Health Insurance While Traveling

The Insurance Nerd - Know Before You Go: Health Insurance While Traveling

You are ready to go: You’ve bought your ticket, packed your bags, loaded up your electronic devices with books and music, and…wait, what? You didn’t check your how your health insurance covers you? The Insurance Nerd wants you to know that you need to check this out.

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Simply Sandra – Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

Simply Sandra - Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

April is nationally recognized as Distracted Driving Awareness Month, so now is a perfect time to share some tips to help you beat distracted driving from AARP Driver Safety. These four tips are designed to help you minimize the distractions that can make driving needlessly more dangerous.

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In the “Nick” of Time – Minimizing Your Business Insurance Costs

In the "Nick" of Time - Minimizing Your Business Insurance Costs

In this and subsequent installments, we’ll look at ways for businesses to help keep their insurance costs as low as possible. Be the object of desire of insurers. The most important thing a business can do to negotiate the best insurance premiums possible is to be looked

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Wendy’s Briefcase – Worker’s Compensation Audits

Wendy's Briefcase - Worker's Compensation Audits

Audits can be confusing, especially when everyone thinks of only IRS audits at this time of year.  Unlike the IRS audit, business owners’ insurance audits don’t need to mean bad news!  Many times, they are good news to the business owner, but whether the news is good

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Koffee with Kristen – Youthful Drivers

Koffee with Kristen - Youthful Drivers

Hi all, Kristen here today for Koffee with Kristen I want to talk to you about youthful drivers. Insurance companies consider anyone under the age of 25 who has a valid driver’s license a “youthful driver.” Unfortunately, adding them to you policy can sometimes be expensive. Some

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The Insurance Nerd – Travel Insurance

‘S’up, Nerds? I was talking with a friend recently, and she was telling me how excited she is to be going to Italy for her sister’s wedding next year. As it so often does when I’m around, the subject of health insurance came up. I asked her

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Water/Sewer Back-Up Coverage

(This is what 12″ of water looks like!) Today we’ll address an issue that affects most people who own a home here in Michigan, particularly in the springtime: sewer and sump pump back-up.  Most homes in Michigan have basements, which a lot of us like to utilize

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, many couples prepare to share their love with romantic gestures: flowers, jewelry, chocolates, lavish dinners, lingerie, etc. One thing that may not have occurred to them is to discuss something that truly matters: their finances, legal documents, and plans for the future as

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Cold Weather Safety

Cold Weather Safety

Arctic weather, like the weather we have been experiencing in Michigan for the last few weeks, can be dangerous, especially if you’re trapped in a disabled vehicle.  To protect yourself, travel safely and always be prepared with important items in your vehicle. Here are a list of

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