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Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Protecting the things you love the most means protecting one of your biggest assets. Homeowners insurance protects you from losses to your home and your possessions within. The Dearborn Agency provides the right coverage at a reasonable cost, whether you need homeowners, condo, or renters insurance.

Our skilled staff will provide you the most comprehensive policy with  competitive premiums to fit your individual needs.

Contact a staff member today at 313-562-8373 to learn more about all of our homeowners insurance options.

Do You Need Umbrella Coverage?

Umbrella insurance refers to a liability policy that protects your assets and future income once the limits of your primary policies (such as home, auto, and general liability) have been exhausted.  It is also able to “drop down” to fill coverage gaps in underlying policies. Therefore, an umbrella policy can become the primary policy in certain situations.  Coverage limits begin at $1 million and can be increased up to $10 million or more. The term “umbrella” is used because the policy responds to liability claims that are initially covered by all your other policies, literally going “above and beyond” existing coverage.

Ask us whether an umbrella policy is right for you.


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